Why Primo Reef's Reef Rock?

  • Our rocks are mined miles inland and are never pulled from the ocean
  • 100% natural (not man made and not painted)

Professionally Cleaned 
  • Extensive 6 stage cleaning process ensures that our rock is the cleanest on the market 
  • No curing required needed. (There's no organic in or on our rock like pukani and other dry rock pulled from the ocean)
  • No phosphate leeching 

Cherry Picked
  • Our mining locations are selected with aquarists in mind
  • We do not mine rock from locations intended for building material

Pest Free
  • No aptasia
  • No flatworms
  • No nuisance algae
  • No fireworms
  • No bristle worms

Additional Benefits 
  • Extremely porous for exceptional biological bacteria growth
  • Helps to buffer water
  • Lots of natural holes makes mounting frags a breeze
  • Great shapes that fish will love
  • Stacks easily without glue, putty or rods
  • Looks great!

Primo Reef Rock

The standard of our reef rock offering and several grades higher than the competition, Primo Reef Rock provides excellent quality and value.   

Primo Plus Reef Rock

This is the lightest and most pourous rock we currently carry.  Primo Plus will provide you with the most shape, character and holes.  Most pieces are of centerpeice quality and won't be found from other sources.  As a word of caution, we do not recommend using this at lower levels of large aquascapes.

Primo Plus Pink/Colored Reef Rock


Primo Shelf Reef Rock

Primo shelf rock is the perfect rock for creating overhangs, caves and arches.  It is also ideal for mounting SPS, LPS and softies.